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A Unesco heritage to be discover

The pearl of the Gonzaga family set among the waters of the Mincio River

Its location sets it apart from other cities in that it is located in the valley of the Mincio, a river that forms three lakes in the surrounding area, enveloping the city in a magical embrace that makes it unique. Mantua’s entire water system was designed by engineer Alberto Pitentino, who in 1190 sensed that by diverting the course of the Mincio River, he could build a natural defense for Mantua and preserve it from flooding. Aspect that characterizes the province of Mantua as an area rich in greenery distinguished by numerous fascinating parks and gardens.

Despite its small size, Mantua is an important city of art; its flourishing history and numerous artistic attractions make it a flagship in the Italian tourist scene.

places of the heart


Palazzo Ducale

34 thousand square meters of history: the Palazzo Ducale was the official residence of the Gonzaga family.
Inside you can admire works by Pisanello, Giulio Romano, Rubens.
Walking through the various frescoed rooms, one can realize the splendor achieved by the Gonzaga court.

Mantova Palazzo Ducale

Palazzo Te

Palazzo Te is Giulio Romano’s masterpiece: a truly unique and special structure.
The name comes from the ancient locality Tejeto where it was built; designed and decorated by Giulio Romano for Federico II Gonzaga.

Basilica di Sant'Andrea

Designed and built by the famous architect Leon Battista Alberti commissioned by the Gonzaga family, it is the largest and considered the most beautiful church in Mantua.

Inside are multiple relics, including that of the famous Mantuan painter Andrea Mantegna

Mantova Basilica di Sant'Andrea

Castle of San Giorgio

An integral part of the Ducal Palace, the Castle of San Giorgio houses numerous frescoes by Mantenga.
The most interesting room is the very famous Camera degli Sposi or Camera Picta, painted by Mantegna in honor of Ludovico and Barbara of Brandenburg (1465).

Mincio Oasis

A boat cruise between the lakes of Mantua and the Mincio River, discovering breathtaking nature, characterized by unique flora and fauna. During the summer it will be possible to admire the Lotus bloom, an exceptional phenomenon first in Italy and second only to Japan.


bicycle touring routes

A paradise for bike lovers.

In the territory of Mantua there is a dense network of bicycle routes. Kilometers of routes entirely flat and away from traffic, on country roads, secondary roads and bicycle paths.

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