The history of Albergo Bianchi Stazione
In 1972, on 15 May, Enrico and Francesco Bianchi become hoteliers, giving their surname to the historical “Hotel Bracchi” opposite the Mantova rail station.

When the bombs of the Second World War fell on the historical building, dating from the 15th century, which was the convent of the triplets of Saint Francis, the Bracchis immediately rebuilt the hotel, then classified as first category, as each of the 21 existing rooms had heating and hot and cold running water. But in those days it was deemed necessary to have only one bathroom per floor.

Initialising their new activity, the Bianchi family immediately gave prime importance to the building with an initial restyling/enlarging, which would be followed by a second and a third restructuring over the years.
In 1985, the rooms of the Albergo Bianchi Stazione numbered 30 and in 1989 increased to 53, naturally adapted to the demand of services and the style of the times: private bathroom, TV, telephone, air conditioning.

Subsequently, new areas were acquired (part of an internal fabrication) from which the enlargement of the existing internal garden was obtained, along with a large new meeting/breakfast room, as well as the enlarging of the hall and the adding of an internal garage.

Currently, the Albergo Bianchi has a receptive capacity of around one hundred persons. The continuing improvements made over time have always been thought out with the client in mind in order to simply offer “the best”.
Specific services
Qualified and multi-lingual staff will be at your disposal to provide you with tourist material and useful indications to visit our splendid city and its province.

You can rely on the staff at reception to reserve a table at, or simply give recommendations on where to eat in the characteristic Mantovan trattorias.
Service via post.
The garden
Take a moment to relax in our peaceful private garden, where you will immediately appreciate the atmosphere, the sounds, colours, of a corner of nature, immersed in the old town centre of Mantova.