Gli eventi

Trame sonore a Palazzo - Mantova Chamber Music Festival 2015

The third anniversary of Trame sonore confirms the success and value of the cultural project materialized in the combination of art and music at the highest level. This project was created based on two equally strong realities valances: the museum complex of Palazzo Ducale, that occasion opens its rooms to the music, and the Orchestra da Camera di Mantova, an Institute of excellence recognized internationally along with its director Carlo Fabiano.

Museo della Follia e Mostra di LIGABUE - GHIZZARDI

Palazzo della Ragione host the Museum of Madness, from 05.19.2015 to 11.22.2015 curated by Vittorio Sgarbi for EXPO 2015, with an exhibition of 190 works by Antonio Ligabue Gualtieri, including 12 paintings and 2 unpublished drawings from private collections, and 37 works of Peter Ghizzardi, born in Viadana and then moved to Boretto, never before exhibited and published. For the organizers, it is "an invaluable opportunity to meet the historical context - explains their notice - and to know the unusual, leaving seduced by the art of two representatives of the '900 mediopadano, who with hallucinatory air, a sense of nature, adherence to a' humanity to the edge of survival material and spiritual, were capable of a vigorous fight, even when it seemed lost in the mists of madness.

Gonzaga - I Volti della storia

The exhibition, held in Mantua from 04.12.2015 to 20.09.2015, at the diocesan museum on pomp of the Gonzaga family, wants to give voice to the history through immagini.Gonzaga The faces of history, an event that also enjoys the sponsorship of the Expo 2015, is a family-iconographic exhibition, organized by the historian Giancarlo Malacarne, which also aims at a public engagement. You know ... seize the portraits of nobles also fragments of their lives. Because the works, indirectly, tell stories, links, power struggles and greatness of the famous dynasty. Over one hundred selected pieces, dating from '500 to' 700, of which fifty-six paintings that, in setting curated by Roberto Soggia, will dialogue with as many pieces as genealogical maps, weapons, coins, books, pottery, ceramics and caskets.

Freddi Collection

Will be held in Mantua in the Castle of San Giorgio in Palazzo Ducale from 03.18.2015 to 08.31.2015 the extraordinary exhibition of 85 pieces from the collection of the entrepreneur Romano Freddi Mantua, famous internationally. It is a heritage Gonzaga composed of paintings, bronzes, ceramics, weapons, furniture, recovered with great obstinacy by the collector throughout his life and therefore homogeneous and relevant to the rooms of the Castle of St. George that will enrich.

Festivaletteratura 2015 - XIX Edizione -

Also this year in Mantua will materialize 9 to 13 September 2015, the miracle of the most important Italian literary event: "FESTIVALETTERATURA" now in its 19th edition. In the five days of meetings with authors, scientists and artists, the public can immerse themselves in the city of Gonzaga for the occasion is an ideal living room and creates an atmosphere unique.



Open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays the new home of the museum dedicated to the pilot that Enzo Ferrari called it "the greatest of all time," the museum has trophies, cups, medals, won by Tazio Nuvolari (1892-1953) during the his long racing career next to helmets, goggles, overalls and to that familiar yellow jersey. Also in evidence telegrams, letters, photographs, original documents and the famous golden turtle donated by D’Annunzio.
Precious period films and the presence of a car history gives the opportunity to make an exciting journey into the world of motor racing in the past.